We did it!

Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve our goal!

If you still want to help, our STICKERS and PENDANTS are still available, and you can still DONATE at the bottom of the page!

Again, many hoots and thanks to all our friends and family — we are so GRATEFUL for you! See you in the dust!

  • MÚCARO Sticker$10

    We will send you your very own MÚCARO sticker- or better yet – you can pick it up on the Playa (just make sure it doesn’t become MOOP!) Use it to decorate your water bottle, your lap top or your car so you can always remember that time you were a part of something bigger: as in a really big owl in the desert. (Logo designed by El NiNo himself.)

  • MÚCARO Pendant$25

    Adorn your neck, wrist or other body part with our custom MÚCARO pendant! Again, we encourage you to pick up your gift on the Playa. Visit us at camp and let us hug you in person for helping make our dream come true. MÚCARO pendants—and your generosity—never go out of style. We will mail you your gift if you are not Burning Man-bound this year. (Logo designed by El NiNo himself.)

  • Your Name in Golden Ink On One Of MÚCARO’s Feathers$50

    What better way to thank those that allow our MÚCARO to fly than with a dedicated feather from its very wings! For a donation of $50, we will write your name in golden ink on the tip of a prominent wooden feather and send you a picture of it before it’s burned. That way you will always have something to remind you of how awesome you are.

  • Your Name Engraved Inside MÚCARO$100

    Since you’re stepping it up by donating at this level, we will return the favor by engraving your name on one of the stairs leading up to the viewing cabin in the owl’s head. We will take a picture of your stair to commemorate your generosity for years to come.


  • Faux Fur Cape from Luv Warrior & MÚCARO Pendant (Limit 1)$100

    You will receive a beautiful pink and purple “feather” faux fur cape from Luv Warrior and a MÚCARO pendant!

  • Sailing Trip For Four (Limit 1) $500

    You will get a sailing trip for 4, leaving from Marina Del Rey on a date to be determined by you and the donor, Steve Gold! This item is for sailing ONLY and does not include accommodations or any other compensation.

  • Still want to help? Feel free to donate!

    Thank you for supporting our art installation. Every Burning Man project is the result of many loving hours spent working, planning and building. We can’t do it without assistance from our beloved community & financial support from generous donors like you!

    The magical MÚCARO comes from the love, dedication, and devotion of its contributors.

    We still need to raise $6,000 to make this project a reality and ask for your help in achieving this goal. Thank you!

Goal: $6000

Progress: $6216


Here’s what this will enable us to accomplish.

  • Gas and transport to the Playa. A bird’s gotta fly, right?
  • Finishing touches to the body. Think lots and lots of wooden feathers.
  • Modifying the wings with the components necessary to spread and lift them on burn night. Hoot Hoot!
  • Finally, feeding our crew for the entire build week leading up to the event. We need our team nourished and alert to ensure a safe and happy construction site.

Special Deal for Luv Warrior Apparel

Luv Warrior is donating 10% of their profits for every item sold in their store to MÚCARO. As a thank you, you will receive 5% off anything in the Luv Warrior store. Use coupon code Mucaro5 at checkout!

MÚCARO Build Progress